Heart health is crucial to the function and health of the entire body at any age. As we get older maintaining a healthy heart becomes even more vital while simultaneously requiring a bit more mindfulness and effort. These four tips are useful for anyone who is looking to improve their heart health or that of a loved one!

Healthy Weight

There are numerous ways in which our bodies change as we age; the most noticeable affect of age is that our metabolism slows down causing us to gain weight even without an increase of daily calories. Simultaneously, our ability to perform exercise is modified as well; often we find that as we age the exercise our bodies are capable off is far less strenuous. Older adults must make two major adjustments as they age to maintain a healthy weight. The first is, to decrease caloric intake while maintaining the proper nutrients the body needs to thrive. The second, finding a form of exercise that offers a physical activity that doesn’t cause unnecessary strain to the body. Older adults often find themselves in the underweight or overweight category and therefore, it is vital that they consult both a doctor and nutrition expert to maintain a healthy weight and consequently a healthy heart.

Have an Active Day

Exercise doesn’t stop after a 30 minute walk, jog or swim. Even after you have fulfilled your goal for daily exercise, you will want to maintain activity throughout the day. If you have a lifestyle or job that requires sitting make sure you build in breaks from being still. Get up and get your limbs moving and blood pumping. Make a phone call while pacing around your office or your living area, send an email on your feet instead of from a chair and make the walk to the next room or office to physically deliver a message to someone instead of sending a text or writing an email. The daily activity will add up!

Be Good To Yourself

There are a lot of stressors to be found in the life of older adults and seniors; loss of loved ones, health problems, increasing bills and weather patterns often cause many to feel low, lonely and all around sad. To combat these feelings of depression and sadness it is important to take steps to “treat yourself.” Get enough sleep, stay in touch with family and friends, join a walking group or other social group and most of all, just surround yourself with the things and people you enjoy!

Stop Smoking & Drinking

As tempting as it may be to indulge in your tobacco of choice and your signature cocktail, those habits are doing nothing to improve your heart health. In fact, both tobacco and alcohol are significant factors in poor heart health. Eliminate both and the healthy effects will outweigh any pleasure you found in these habits!

Sometimes, the path to a healthier heart can seem overwhelming and impossible. But, when broken down to just a few changes to your daily routine and a little determination to try to always make the healthier choice, you can find yourself well on your way to a healthier heart and, even better, improved health overall.